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Before the automobile came into common use, Cape Ann was not so much a collection of three towns and a city but rather, a patchwork quilt of rural villages and tight neighborhoods. Within these intimate environs friendships were forged, acquaintances made, and families brought together in union.

In this exhibition—drawn from the RAA&M’s rarely-viewed permanent Museum collection—we will engage in an exploration of the deep and entwined familial connections that existed within the Cape Ann artistic community of the previous century. Stories of families that pursued art for multiple generations here on Cape Ann, of husbands and wives that painted together for decades untold, and the phenomenon of artists gifting and exchanging portraits of family members to each other, will all be revealed through the very works they created!

Image: Marguerite Pearson, Portrait of Aldro T. Hibbard, N.A., oil on canvas, n.d.