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Guest Speaker: Bernd Haussmann

There is no good art or bad art. All is experiencing. So if we say "like" or "don't like", if we start comparing, we will not be able to fully access art. We stay on the surface. Art has no message. It is not a commodity, not an object. Art is an experience.

With my art I try to add to our experiencing. The quality of art or, if we eliminate the word art altogether and just call it 'experiencing', then we could say the quality of experiencing is dependent on the quality of our presence, our ability to opening up and to surrender to what is.

If meditation can be an anchor to be present then art (experiencing) can be the grounding for it. Art goes beyond the image, beyond perception. It is not about pictures, it is about enhancing the quality of experiencing life.

What I see is never what you see. And what I saw is not what is.

There is no single truth in art. It’s all experiencing. And it always starts with the individual viewer. And that viewer’s willingness to see. And that, of course, goes beyond the visible.

~Bernd Haussmann

A big component of the Experimental Art Group (EG) of RAA&M is to invite artists speakers who are not members of the group. EG presentations are open to all and free to the public thus fulfilling our mission to increase the awareness of experimental art in our communities and foster ongoing communication amongst our membership. There is no separation between art and life. Everything is connected.