Seasonal classes & Workshops

For artists, learning and creative growth never ends. Seize the opportunity to take part in our extensive educational offerings. Our workshops and studio art classes provide instruction in a variety of mediums for students of all levels, and are conducted by some of New England’s most prominent artists. 

Please check our listings below regularly for our current classes and workshops.

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  Sunset at Point Loma ,  Keith Gantos , Oil on Canvas

Sunset at Point Loma, Keith Gantos, Oil on Canvas

The joy of PLEIN Air OIL PAINTING with Keith Gantos

We will discuss time-tested techniques used by masters over the centuries - “Chiaroscuro” (lights & darks), “Diaphanous” (sheets of atmosphere for example, as seen in the distance) and the “Golden Ratio” (composition) - all three play a vital role in our outside “studio.” One of the joys of outside painting is that it engages the senses, such as sound (hearing birds in the air), touch (feeling a gentle breeze), smell (fragrant trees in blossom, flowers, fields, or the ocean air) and of course sight. We will also employ little techniques that have proven to be helpful over the years, used by artists around the world. So let us just enjoy the moments and satisfaction of outside painting . . .

  Serene Moment , Carole Loiacano, Watercolor

Serene Moment, Carole Loiacano, Watercolor

Plein air Watercolor painting with carole loiacano

This plein air watercolor class focuses on technique, composition and color theory. It is open to all levels from beginners through experienced painters. Each class session begins with a demonstration by Carole and ends with a group critique. Students may paint in other media if they choose.

  Clamshell Ally ,  Ken DeWaard , Oil on Linen

Clamshell Ally, Ken DeWaard, Oil on Linen

Impression & Design – Plein Air Painting with Ken DeWaard

“My personal objective during this workshop is to make sure that each and every student experiences advancement.”  

IMPRESSION: the first and immediate effect of an experience or perception upon the mind; sensation. A strong effect produced on the intellect, feelings and conscience. 
DESIGN: to form or conceive in the mind; to intend for a definite purpose.

We will inevitably be chasing the light and seeing beyond what is there, always looking for more. No matter what we are faced with, it all comes down to design. Utilizing and building on what nature gives us, but not being a slave to it. It is all about the design and interpretation. We will be working to simplify our shapes, really pushing to explore our use of temperatures and color, along with controlling our values as well as our edges. Composition and design underlie all of these, along with our drawing which will be our foundation. All in all we will look to make our paintings fresh, vibrant, and full of light and color. Not being a slave to what is there, but knowing how to interpret the impression of it. Individualized critique, at the students easel, will form the basis for instruction, as well as an oil painting demonstration on the first morning. 

Students may work in the painting medium of their preference, be it oil, watercolor, pastel or acrylic. A very modest suggested supply list will be available.