Current exhibtions

The Rockport Art Association & Museum hosts wide range of exhibitions throughout the year, including Contributing Member Show, Artist Member Shows, Museum Collection Shows, as well as Special Exhibitions. In recent years, the Rockport Art Association & Museum has featured special retrospective exhibitions of historic artist members including Aldro T. Hibbard, Anthony Thieme, Paul Strisik, W. Lester Stevens, Harry A. Vincent and  Emile A. Gruppé

   Hazmat Man ,    Christine Whalen-Waller   , Oil & Collage

Hazmat Man, Christine Whalen-Waller, Oil & Collage

UnExpected #9 : RAA&M Experimental Group

September 29, 2018 - October 13, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION : September 30, 2018, from 2 - 4 PM

As part of the RAA&M, the Experimental Group is a community of artists devoted to sharing and developing their ideas on artistic expression. As an ongoing forum for passionate communication, it fosters liberating and meaningful experiences for both artists and viewers. UnExpected #9 is the newest installment in a series of exhibitions that showcases the range of artistic styles and mediums explored by members of the Experimental Group.

  Richard T. LaRoche, Watercolor, Rockport Art Association & Museum Fall Group Show Award for Excellence in Any Medium

Richard T. LaRoche, Watercolor, Rockport Art Association & Museum Fall Group Show Award for Excellence in Any Medium

RAA&M Fall group show

September 29, 2018 - October 21, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION : September 30, 2018, from 2 - 4 PM

Come see Richard T. LaRoche's "Autumn Largess," recipient of the RAAM Fall Group Show for Excellence in Any Medium, as well as our other Artist Members’ artwork for our Fall Group Show in the Maddox Gallery.

   What’s Beyond,     Judy Schmid   , Illuminated Encaustic Painting

What’s Beyond, Judy Schmid, Illuminated Encaustic Painting

 Illuminart : judy schmid - One Artist Show

October 13, 2018 - October 25, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION : October 13, 2018, from 2 - 4 PM

Judy’s latest series is entitled SELFIES - These are not a visualization of simply her outer self (EXTERIOR), but a visualization of her inner self (INTERIOR).

Just as life is a journey, so is the pursuit of art; every day brings new discoveries, challenges, surprises, and some successes. Also some failures, hopefully, the learning kind. My art will always be of the moment, learning from each creation, using that knowledge to continue to experiment.

At this point, I cannot stand by and watch a great number of my fellow Americans descend further and further into irrational and immoral hysteria --- I ask myself: What is going on? How does one cope? The mind cannot support moral chaos for long. Visualizing my frustrations has given me an outlet for all of this stress, and also great satisfaction. 
Imagine, after 35 years as a graphic designer, solving other people’s problems, to be turned loose in a studio, with all the tools necessary for creating a completely new way to express my self every day . . . I am in heaven!”

- Judy Schmid

   Rockport Quarry Pool ,    William Lester Stevens   , Oil, RAA&M Permanent Museum Collection

Rockport Quarry Pool, William Lester Stevens, Oil, RAA&M Permanent Museum Collection

Selections from the RAA&M
Permanent Collection

September 29, 2018 - October 21, 2018

The Rockport Art Association & Museum’s Permanent Collection represents a pictorial history of Cape Ann. This exhibition features pieces recently on view at Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary in Boylston, MA. The exhibition entitled “Exploring New England Landscape: Seasonal Pathways Across Time,” honors the Summer Star Wildlife Sanctuary’s mission by offering visitors the grand feeling of walking along pathways, through the tall trees, past the diverse plant species toward the impressive display of paintings by long past Cape Ann artists to celebrate the connection of people and the natural environment as a remarkable experience. With doors open, collections out and interpretation provided the selected artworks from the Rockport Art Association & Museum’s permanent collection invites visitors to encounter, engage and contemplate New England landscapes of spring, summer, winter and fall.The current selection of artwork includes historic artist members, such as Aldro T. Hibbard, William Lester Stevens, Marguerite S. Pearson and more.

   Millbrook Meadow , Wayne Morrell, Oil, 1968, Town of Rockport Collection

Millbrook Meadow, Wayne Morrell, Oil, 1968, Town of Rockport Collection


September 8, 2018 - October 2, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION: September 9, 2018, from 2 - 4 PM

For almost 100 years, Cape Ann artists have set up easels in Millbrook Meadow to capture views of the Town’s green treasure.
Today, artists still come to the Meadow and set up along the banks of the Mill Pond to paint. A selection of these works will be shown and sold at a special show: Re-visioning the Park: Landscape to Canvas, at the Rockport Art Association (RAA&M) from Saturday, September 8 through September 24, 2018.
This is a collaboration between the Rockport Art Association & Museum and Millbrook Meadow Committee. A portion of sales will go to help restore the Meadow.

   Alternate Reality , Skip Montello, Photograph

Alternate Reality, Skip Montello, Photograph

aBstract visions 

October 6, 2018 - October 21, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION : October 6, 2018, from 4 - 6 PM

Abstract Visions showcases many ways in which photography can be considered abstract based on natural experiences of the environment. Digital photography (camera and digital darkroom) bridges the gap between traditional photography (camera and darkroom) and other art mediums, creating a stimulating new art form while continuing to use the traditional concepts of color, form and composition.

For Law, long exposures are like using the camera as a paint brush, blurring the motion of waves to create new patterns and textures in a single image. Keeping the shutter open throughout the cycle of a wave, shows the movement as the subject of the artwork. New landscapes and patterns appear and colors shift in tone and hue through this process. Other images without frame of reference continue to expand her definition of abstraction.

“It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head,” said Henri Cartier-Bresson.

For Skip, his ability to see and compose is based on perspectives - angles, distance, perch, light, color, patterns, reflections and image space. Subjects are coupled with Skip's own knowledge of the sky, earth and sea. Weather patterns, dew points, air temperatures, winds, sunrise or sundown, all provide the palette from which he creates a backdrop to a sometimes serendipitous; choice of focal point.

"What I see through the camera lens (and sometimes in my mind’s eye) is what I strive to reproduce in the final image," said Skip.