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Frank W. Benson & Beverly Benson Seamans

Frank W. Benson & Beverly Benson Seamans

American etchings and benson family ties

October 20, 2018 – November 25, 2018
Reception : Sunday, October 28, 2018, 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Although best known for their high key plein air paintings, Frank W. Benson (1862-1951) and F. Childe Hassam (1859 -1935), two of America’s premier Impressionists and members of the Ten during the late 19th – early 20th century, were also noted for their dexterity as etchers. Other friends and family of Frank Benson’s whose artworks are included in this exhibition are Edmund C. Tarbell, William M. Paxton, Guy Wiggins, John Twachtman, John Benson (brother) and Beverly Benson Seamans (niece).

“Ultimately none of it would have been possible for any of these artists without the support and encouragement of friends and family. As the phrase goes, ‘Blesséd are the ties that bind.’”

- Judith Curtis, RAA&M Historian,
American Art Review, November/December 2018

Friendship Sloop, Rockport, MA, November, 1968 , Stow Wengenroth, Lithograph, Private Collection

Friendship Sloop, Rockport, MA, November, 1968, Stow Wengenroth, Lithograph, Private Collection

stow wengenroth :
New England's master printmaker

What’s Beyond,  Judy Schmid, Illuminated Encaustic Painting

What’s Beyond, Judy Schmid, Illuminated Encaustic Painting

Illuminart :
Judy schmid’s one artist show

October 13, 2018 - October 25, 2018
Reception: Saturday, October 13, 2018, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

Judy’s latest series is entitled SELFIES - These are not a visualization of simply her outer self (EXTERIOR), but a visualization of her inner self (INTERIOR).

Just as life is a journey, so is the pursuit of art; every day brings new discoveries, challenges, surprises, and some successes. Also some failures, hopefully, the learning kind. My art will always be of the moment, learning from each creation, using that knowledge to continue to experiment.

At this point, I cannot stand by and watch a great number of my fellow Americans descend further and further into irrational and immoral hysteria --- I ask myself: What is going on? How does one cope? The mind cannot support moral chaos for long. Visualizing my frustrations has given me an outlet for all of this stress, and also great satisfaction. 
Imagine, after 35 years as a graphic designer, solving other people’s problems, to be turned loose in a studio, with all the tools necessary for creating a completely new way to express my self every day . . . I am in heaven!”

- Judy Schmid