RAA&M Mission statement

Rockport Art Association & Museum’s mission is to foster the creation and appreciation of the fine arts through a rich and diverse program of exhibitions and educational offerings. RAA&M provides opportunities for a wide range of people to engage with art, maintains an impressive permanent collection and carries forth the legacy of its founders by inspiring and cultivating artistic excellence and creative community on Cape Ann and beyond.




By 1900, many artists were arranging to spend their summers in studios on Bearskin Neck. According to local history books, those early days were communal times. Without modern distractions, the creative community seemed to spend more time just talking, and certainly some of the talk must have been about art, for on July 22, 1921, a group of these artists formed an organization that would support their endeavors.

Since 1921, the Rockport Art Association & Museum has been a gathering place of New England artists. With a long and distinguished history, the RAA&M welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world with the promotion of year-round Programs and Exhibitions. The RAA&M remains dedicated to making fine art appreciation accessible to all.

The RAA&M continues to be one of Cape Ann’s most prominent cultural beacons. Since its founding, the Association has steadily increased in size and currently includes approximately 250 artist & photography members, and hundreds of contributing members. Each year, the RAA&M hangs over 40 diverse exhibitions and offers a variety of educational programs including workshops, children's classes, sketch groups, artist demonstrations, gallery talks and artist lectures.

As the Rockport Art Association & Museum approaches its centennial anniversary, the impact on community life continues to be stronger than ever. 

On a personal note, my father and I have been members of the Rockport Art Association & Museum collectively for over 95 years.
— T.M. Nicholas, President of the Board of Governors at RAA&M